Local Clinical Excellence Award Online Portal
As NHS trusts move away from equal distribution and towards competitive LCEA award rounds, you can overcome the admin burden of a paper-based system by licensing the LCEA portal

Reward clinical excellence with the one-stop LCEA portal that manages applications, verification, assessment, scoring and analysis, quickly and efficiently.

The LCEA portal delivers significant time and cost savings whilst improving data security and reducing the amount of paperwork involved to practically zero.

The LCEA portal offers

  • Flexibility to customise your own domains and tailor your award
  • Automation that generates substantial time and cost savings
  • Multiple assessor and domain management options
  • A fully security-tested system, independently PEN tested
  • Manage users activity and track invitations & sign-ups
  • Zero printing/photocopying and distribution costs
  • Access to all aspects of award status in real-time
  • Award allocation made simple



The portal breaks down barriers by making it quick and easy for applicants to take part in your LCEA award round. It offers them automated email updates on progress, a level playing field, and a fair assessment by anonymising applications.

Simple to manage

The LCEA portal delivers an abundance of management and reporting tools to administrators. Realtime reporting offers full visibility across applications, verifiers and assessors so you can identify bottlenecks as they happen. Set awards to pre or post-2018 scoring schemes, take full control over deadlines, generate reports for payroll award allocation, and download rich diversity monitoring data.

Time savings

The LCEA portal saves administrators and applicants hundreds of hours by automating the process. Transferring applications from verifiers to assessors happens digitally so there are no more shared spreadsheets with their inherent data protection risks. The portal immediately flags ineligible applications so staff don’t waste hours completing them, and illegible handwritten documents are a thing of the past.

No more printing

The LCEA portal is completely digital, removing the requirement to print/photocopy, distribute & manually track thousands of paper-based applications. It offers significant cost savings and is an environmentally friendly way of demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

Confidence and security

Corporation Pop designed and built the LCEA portal from the ground up putting the needs of users first. Corporation Pop is a digital design agency based in Manchester and has been working with the NHS since 2014. They are Cyber Essentials certified and registered with the ICO.

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